Industrial Exhibition

Industrial exhibition

The 2024 edition is an excellent opportunity for delegates to see your products and services, to share their own work and to learn about your new developments and trends. Considering the continuous impact of new technologies and state-of-the-art instrumentation on the development of X-ray sources, optics, detectors and accessories, EXRS-2024 will constitute an excellent exhibition platform for your company.

You are cordially invited to join the gathering of high-ranking representatives in this rapidly expanding field of science. This meeting is an excellent forum to introduce and demonstrate new products and to highlight recent developments related to X-ray analysis. It is an ideal occasion to disseminate information that can facilitate decision-making processes related to acquisition and/or upgrades of experimental and analytical equipment.

The conference venue is the renowned “Zappeion Megaron” in the center of Athens. The industrial exhibition will be hosted in 3 specially designated and particularly spacious adjacent to the conference area rooms (see here). All the coffee breaks will take place in this area, alongside the poster sessions.

The booths in the exhibition area are to be assembled on Sunday, 23 June 2024 and disassembled on Friday, 28 June 2024.

To enhance the visibility of industrial products, the organizers will reserve one or two afternoon sessions for oral presentations delivered by industrial exhibitors. These will be followed by a break, where complimentary drinks can be served.

The list of exhibitors will also be included in the printed conference programme and on the conference web site together with a link to the exhibitors’ websites.

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