Social events

Welcome reception

The Welcome Reception will take place at Zappeion Megaron on Sunday evening (23/06/2024). More information will be announced soon.

Public lecture

The public lecture will be delivered by Hariklia Brekoulaki (Institute of Historical Research, Department of Greek and Roman Antiquity, The National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece). Information regarding the date and the time will be announced in due time.

Greek Painting: Re-discovering a legendary art of the classical world with state-of-the-art technologies

Shedding light on the creative processes of Greek masterpieces of the Classical and Hellenistic periods allow us to understand the evolution of figurative painting and trace the origin of important artistic discoveries and achievements that will be re-invented and further developed from the Renaissance onwards. In this talk, the key role of new technologies in the identification of ancient painting materials and their modes of application by Greek painters will be discussed, with representative examples of paintings from the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

Conference dinner

The dinner will be held at GAZARTE, a renown cultural hub that allows for artists to realize their vision and offers its guests the most interesting surroundings, the greatest acts and the absolute best in service. Situated in the heart of Athens, within the flourishing cultural landscape of Gazi and just a 1-minute walk from Kerameikos metro station (blue line). GAZARTE boasts a distinct industrial chic atmosphere and panoramic views of Athens, effortlessly maintaining a well-defined aura of sophistication during daylight hours and all through the night. Please see the menu here.

Social programme

EXRS 2024 – EXCURSION OPTIONS (Wednesday 26/06 afternoon)

Excursion 1

Panoramic tour and Acropolis Museum Duration 4 hours

Begin your Athens tour with a photo stop at Panathinaiko Stadium where the first Olympic Games took place in 1896. It is the only stadium built out of white marble. Proceed, passing by the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  You will then pass the Athens Trilogy, which includes the University of Athens, the Academy of Athens, and the National Library.

Continue passing by National Garden, Hadrian’s Arc, St. Paul’s Church, Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown soldier, Schliemann’s House (Numismatic Museum), Catholic Cathedral,  Old Parliament, Constitution Square ,Russian Orthodox Church, and finally visit the ACROPOLIS museum. Avoid and skip the lines of the new museum and enjoy the main attractions such as votives, artifacts of every day life, statues from archaic period, Caryatids, and of course the Parthenon hall with the metopes, the pediments and the frieze which will definitely impress you. A guided tour will be offered by expert guides.

Excursion 2

Panoramic tour and Acropolis Duration 4 hours

Embark on your exploration of Athens by commencing at Panathinaiko Stadium, the historic venue that hosted the inaugural Olympic Games in 1896, notable for being the sole stadium constructed entirely from white marble. Proceed along your journey, catching a glimpse of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. As you continue, you’ll traverse the Athens Trilogy, comprised of the University of Athens, the Academy of Athens, and the National Library. Your route will lead you past noteworthy landmarks, including the National Garden, Hadrian’s Arc, St. Paul’s Church, Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Schliemann’s House (Numismatic Museum), the Catholic Cathedral, the Old Parliament, Constitution Square, the Russian Orthodox Church, and culminate in a delightful short stroll by Herodion and Dionysos Theater before reaching the revered ACROPOLIS site. There you will pass through the Propylae (the main entrance to the site), you will cross the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion with its Porch of Maidens and finally the Parthenon. You will stroll up to the UNESCO-listed site that served as the ancient citadel and tour the buildings as you hear how they reflected Athens’ prosperity in the 5th century BC. A guided tour will be offered by expert guides.

 Excursion 3

Cape Sounio and Lake of Vouliagmeni Duration 5 hours

Visit one of Greece’s most picturesque coastal viewpoints on a half-day tour from Athens to Cape Sounion. Travel along south Attica’s scenic shoreline roads to reach the ancient Temple of Poseidon, built atop a towering sea cliff with fantastic views of the Aegean. Explore the ruins of this temple dedicated to the Greek god of the sea, and opt for an afternoon tour to catch a famously beautiful sunset. Explore the ancient Temple of Poseidon on a tour from Athens, admire the views of the Aegean Sea and learn about ancient Greece.

On the way to Sounio or the way back, according to the plan, we will make a stop to Vouliagmeni Lake, nestled in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, a hidden gem of Attica’s natural beauty. Situated amidst an idyllic landscape, this extraordinary geological wonder awaits discovery. The lake’s brackish waters, continually replenished by both the sea and subterranean thermal springs, provide a truly unique and natural thermal spa experience. Lake Vouliagmeni stands out as a top attraction in Athens, thanks to its exceptional attributes. Firstly, its prime location is a considerable advantage. Additionally, the lake enjoys a delightful climate, with water temperatures ranging from 22°C to 29°C throughout the year. The therapeutic properties of the lake’s waters are renowned for their healing benefits.

For accompanying persons only Tuesday 25/06/2024 at 10:00 am

THETIS/Attic Black Ceramics Workshop “Black figure or Red figure ?” (Duration: 2-2,5 hrs)


Rooted in Mycenaean traditions, which influenced both its pottery forms and decorative elements, ancient Greek ceramic art flourished over centuries across various locations in the Aegean region. During the archaic and classical periods (6th-4th centuries BC), Athens emerged as a dominant force in ceramic production, particularly renowned for its black and red figure vases. Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of ancient Athens and discover your own artistic flair at the ATTIC BLACK studio as you create your masterpiece.